Review of Troy

Posted on February 14th, 2011. Written by nick.


Based on Homers great epic, one of the princes of Troy, Paris. When the Greeks realize what betrayal has taken place they are furious and organize a massive army to fight the Trojans. Menelaus and Agamemnom sail their fleet to the beaches of Troy and storm its city walls. Hector, the other prince of Troy and leader of the army faces off with Achilies, the leader of the Mermadons and hero of Greece. Hector dies by the hand of Achilies and because of his death the Trojans judgment is clouded and so they are deceived into defeat and troy burns because of it.

The Plot

In 1250 B.C. a Trojan prince named Paris steals Menelaus’s wife causing Troy and Greece to go to ware. Menelaus goes to Agamemnom for help fighting the Trojans, Agamemnom creates an army of 1,000 ships and 50,000 Greeks that storm the beaches of Troy and attempt to over power the invincible walls of Troy. During the fighting Achilies decides he wants to leave the war and head home, Patriclus his cousin is unhappy with his decision and suites up in Achilies armor, later that day he dies by Hectors hand, thinking it was Achilies. Enraged Achilies marches alone to the gates of Troy and demands to fight Hector. With Hector dead the king is cursed with emotion and accepts a false peace offering from the Trojans that trick Troy into burning at the hands of Greece.

The Bottom Line

The movie is an extremely well made movie, it is incredibly accurate in depicting the history of the Trojans and the Greeks. One of the best performances of Brad Pitts film career, the best fighting he has preformed to date. The way the director makes the hero’s stand out, almost as if they were giants among the common soldiers even though Ajax was.

Film Details

Country: USA, UK, Malta
Language: English
Release Date: May 14, 2004
Length: 163 min.

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