Oceans 12 Trailer

Posted on February 24th, 2011. Written by nick.

The 12 members of the oceans crew are back but not by their own will, Terry Benedict has recently learned who stole his money and where they are. Benedict, being the ruthless perfectionist that he is, demands all his money they stole plus interest. The Oceans crew, led by Danny and Rusty, are forced to pay back 19 million each or their all dead. They know that no one would break rule number one and then find out that Barren Fran├žois Toulour has stitched them up all over his ego. He overheard a boisterous American business man named Danny Shields, he said that the Oceans 11 pulled the best heist he had ever seen, Toulour insists he was the best but his trainer, Lamark, didn’t correct Shields.

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